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NEW: July 2022, for 2nd boosters, you can use to find/book at pharmacies now.

June 2022 - The original appointment finder has been retired and no longer refreshed. Tools below are still active. 
Feb 2023 - Retired and School Absence Map tool
for all Canadian provinces

enables you to load your vaccination receipt into Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet for easy reference.

(imported 1,525,664 vaccine receipts to date) 

Mobirise Website Builder
for family doctors

allows family doctors to notify their patients in batch over the phone


About Us

In April 2021, a small team of volunteers (who met on VaccineHunters' Discord) came together to help people find vaccine doses.

During the early days, information were scattered and booking tools were very difficult to use. So, we made an integrated view with availability and eligibility data from the province, hospitals, health units and pharmacies to assist the amazing teams at

We continued to make other tools to fill in the gaps in the evenings and weekends throughout 2021 and early 2022.

You can find us on @VaxToronto@grassroots_team and @reportmytest on Twitter or email us at

Take care and stay safe everyone!

On the photo (Left-to-right): Billy Lo, Evert Timberg, Anujan Mathisekaran, Jason Liu, Ryan Slobojan

Behind-the-scenes (in no particular order)
Aaron Glazer, Andrew Norris, Jonathan NorrisAndrew Young, Sabrina CraigLisa Discepola, Madison PearceSamantha FinnDr. Rupindar Sahsi, Sue Motahedin, Sarah Nation

Special thanks to Dr. Tim Rutledge's support (Unity Health). Without Tim's assistance, we would not be to enable Android users to load their vaccine QR records into their digital wallet. Even today (a year later), our volunteer-built grassroots web site remains the only tool that can put your Canadian Smart Health Card QR code into Android's Google Pay wallet. Thanks again, Dr. Rutledge.

Stay safe everyone!

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